Skull Kid 2

Skull Kid is mad and has taken his aggression to the streets! Its him against the gangsters and thugs on the streets, and he’s only equipped with a few measly weapons in Skull Kid 2. Help Skull Kid defeat his opponents and beat these gangsters in a massive streetwide shootout – and walk away unharmed.

New game Menu

Skull Kid 2 is packed with energy, excitement, and lots and lots of bloodshed. When you begin the game, you’re faced with many choices. In the game menu, you can select to begin a new game, start the tutorial, complete difficult challenges, and experiment and learn the game at your own pace.

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Controls – How to play

Unlike in the previous version, Skull Kid 2 features many hotkeys for players to use throughout the game. In addition to the standard W, A, S, D directional controls to move Skull Kid around in the game, there are also other controls that you will need to use in order to pick up weapons, aim and fire the weapons, use various items, and much more.

  • Point your mouse on a weapon on the ground and click it to pick it up.
  • Use the mouse to aim and fire your weapon.
  • Press F to drop a weapon.
  • Press Shift to use various other items like jet packs.
  • Press Q to activate Bullet Time.
  • Press E to switch guns.
  • Press P to pause the game.
  • Press the Enter key to quit the game and return to the main menu.

Skull Kid 2



The Experiment mode is another option that players can use to help them practice and improve their skills. In this mode you can practice using the controls, picking up and using your weapons, and aiming and shooting enemy targets at your own pace. There’s no time limit involved so you can take as much time as you need to get familiar with the normal gameplay.

Starting a New Game

Once you feel like you’ve had enough practice in the other modes, you’re now ready to hit the streets and test your true skills. You are shoved right in the middle of a gunfight, forced to think fast on your feet and use your fight or flight techniques. As the game progresses and you reach higher levels, you are faced with more bad guys and given even more options on firearms, knives, and other useful tools to help you succeed in your quest.

Skull Kid 2


The tutorial option should be the first stop for beginners. In this mode you can learn about the controls of the game – which are much more extensive than the previous version. It walks you step by step through how to pick up and use your weapons, how to aim, as well as how to use other objects in the game to help you through each level. But pay close attention. The hints and instructions that appear at the top of your screen flash quickly, so you may want to read them first before trying to apply them.


In the challenges option, there are four additional choices players can choose between – Matrix, Zombies, Knifing Around, and Lasers. These options are not only difficult, but also a great way to help you practice your skills before hitting the mean streets of the game!



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