Skull Kid 3

In Skull Kid 3, your character, Skull Kid, has received an important piece of mail. It seems that your flawless actions on the streets have earned you some “street cred” and your name is being spoken of to some highly powerful people. The mail you’ve received is an invitation for a job. This is not the type of job your mother would be proud of – but rather a job of an assassin. Race to meet this mysterious person, accept the job, and watch how quickly you’ll be rolling in money.

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About the Game

Skull Kid 3, unlike the previous versions, is designed as an adventure game that includes many quests to complete, obstacles to overcome, and – of course – lots of bloodshed. There are a total of 23 levels to complete, each including between 1 and 6 different quests. As you progress through each level, the quests become more difficult, but also more rewarding. Within each level and as you complete each quest, you will be rewarded by your employer with a large sum of money. Use this money to purchase improved equipment, weapons, and power-ups in the game shop to help you advance to the next level. After every 10 levels, you will activate a bonus level which will help you unlock many new achievement rewards.

Skull Kid 3


The controls in Skull Kid 3 are not quite as sophisticated as they were in previous versions of the game. In fact, aside from your basic movement keys – A, S, D, and W – and of course your mouse for aiming, shooting, and stabbing, the only other control you need to use is the Shift key. Pressing the shift key allows you to quickly switch between weapons in your inventory.

Game Shop

The game shop is filled with over 15 different items that you can purchase to help make killing your targets easier. In the game shop, you will see that there are three tabs at the top of the screen – Weapons, Weapon Accessories, and Power-Ups. There are 5 different weapons in the weapon shop, including some semi-automatic weapons, pistols, and knives. The weapons accessories shop has impressive items like silencers and other items for quick but quiet kills. In the power-ups shop, you’ll find many items that can help your character in other ways, such as an invisibility cloak to turn Skull Kid invisible for the more public assassination jobs.

Skull Kid 3


As mentioned before, you can gain achievements by completing the bonus levels. In these levels, you are tasked with killing a certain number of enemy targets to achieve a reward. For instance, to unlock the first achievement you need to kill 10 enemies in the first bonus round. By completing these achievements you will receive a large amount of money – consider it a bonus from your employer.


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